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MVP Challenge Award

Oct 30, 2012

Crossroads Health Center provides award to the football player that best
demonstrates Magnanimity, Valiance, and Perseverance on and off the field.

Thanks to the charitable generosity of Dr. Sanjeev Bhatia and Mrs. JoBeth Bhatia from Crossroads Health Center, a $1,000 cash prize is up for grabs for Victoria East or Victoria West High School following the schools’ annual gridiron match-up.

The award was conceptualized in 2011 as a way to challenge athletes and promote friendly cross-town rivalry. The East Titan or West Warrior football player that best demonstrates M-V-P (magnanimity, valiance, and perseverance) on and off the field secures the honor and cash prize for his school.

“My wife, who is a graduate of Victoria High School, grew up in the days of the long standing rivalry between Stroman High School and VHS,” said Dr. Bhatia. "We wanted to encourage that same kind of spirit in a way that emphasizes good sportsmanship and character."

An award committee selects an honoree whose performance is not based on valuable athletic abilities, but on valuable character traits:

  • Magnanimity—a noble spirit, integrity, goodwill;
  • Valiance—bravery, valor, courage; and
  • Perseverance—zeal, fervor, determination.

Trevor Austin, a senior at Victoria East High School, was selected as the recipient following the October 12 football game between the Titans and Warriors. A traveling trophy, which inscribes Austin’s and future recipients’ names, is displayed at the MVP’s campus for the school year.

The trophy is relinquished at the next season’s rival game and another $1,000 cash prize awarded. The winning school may use the funds in a positive way to benefit students.

Trevor Austin, 2012 MVP and Victoria East Titan offensive lineman, accepts the MVP Trophy from Lorenzo Vega, 2011 MVP and Victoria East alumnus.